Moored to a restaurant's pontoon on the Turkish west coast
Link to 2006 Short trips to Grenå, Kiel, Hirtshals and along the Swedish west coast. 1100 nm. Winter harbour: Göteborg (More)
Link to 2007 First trip: From Göteborg around England, Irland and Scotland. Second trip: Göteborg to Galicia, Spain. 3910 nm. Winter harbour: Viveiro. (More)
Link to 2008 Along the Galician and Portugese coasts into the Mediterranean, Gibraltar, the Balearics, Valencia. 1778 nm Winter harbour: Cartagena. (More)
Link to 2009 Accross the Mediterranean from Cartagena via the Balearics, Sardinia, Tunisia, Pantelleria, Malta, Sicily, south Italy, Greece (Ionian Islands, Peloponnesos, Crete), to Turkey. 2537 nm. Winter harbour: Finike (More)
Link to 2010 Cruising along the Turkish west coast. When we arrived to Alacati west of Izmir we were tired of beating against the northerlies and turned back. The trip back was very slow with visits in most of the big bays. 868 nm. Winter harbour again: Finike (More)
Link to 2011 From Finike to the Black Sea via the Marmara Sea, Istanbul and the Bosphorus. Along the Turkish Black Sea coast from the Bulgarian border to Amasra and then back to the Marmara Sea. 1420 nm Winter harbour: Yalova. (More)
Link to 2012 From Yalova through the Dardanelles into the Aegean Sea. Then south along the islands near the Greek mainland down to Crete. Back to Turkey and along the Turkish south coast almost to the end. 1562 nm. Winter harbour: Mersin (More)
Länk till 2013 As we had reached the end of the Mediterranean Sea, at least as far as we could go safely, we visited parts of Turkey we hadn't seen before. Turkey is a fascinating country. 6 nm. Harbour: Mersin. (More)
Länk till 2013 From Mersin via Marmaris, the Corinth Channel, Corfu, the Italian mainland, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica to France. 2070 nm. Winter harbour: Toulon. (More)
Länk till 2015 From Saint Mandrier to the west along the French coast with a long stop in Camarque. Then along the Spanish coast with long stops in Barcelona and Torrevieja. 767 nm. Winter harbour: Almerimar. (More)

Updated: 2016-03-17