Embla at anchor on the Turkish west coast

After 10 years of holiday sailing with our Brofjord 36 motor sailer with Dover and Inverness being our most distant destinations and after many visits to boat exibitions the requirements on our new boat got clear. Finally a couple of hours discussion at the Van de Stadt´s office in Wormerveer aided us in the selection of our new boat. Boat building became our hobby. The boat was built in a boat house in Vänersborg, Sweden while we due to my job were moving around. During the first six years we were living in a suburb to Stockholm which was 500 km away. Then we moved into a suburb to Göteborg and the distance decreased to 100 km. We had a good boat house with fellow boatbuilding neigbours but the floor space became very limited as the hull grew. The space was only 0,5 m longer and 0,4 m wider than the boat.

Off our previous boat to visit Van de Stadt´s office in Vormerveer, Holland
The decision to start was taken Building plans were ordered. Conversion of all the paper drawings to CAD drawings
Ordering of aluminium
Profile bending for frames
First material delivery Arrival of first material delivery
Erection of the frames, welding of the hull The hull shape can be seen
Turning the hull. Deck Turning the hull Building the deck
Cockpit Cockpit
Interior woodwork Chart table Lådhurts i pentryt
The keel is filled with 6,1 tons of melted lead Lead in the keel
Rudder and steering
Motor installation
By simple means, we could budge the engine in place
Lifting the motor
Interior work Electric switchboard
Fairing and sanding Grinding of welds Fairing
Painting Painting the hull Painting the hull
Launching, naming, rigging Launch Naming
We got professional help and material from many persons and companies during our boat building project. We would especially mention:
  • Mats Johansson
  • Anders Melchersson
  • Tor Holmstrand
  • Per Lindberg
  • Bertil Thörner
  • Karlqvists Smide
  • Kristinelunds Maskinbearbetning
  • Trestads Svets
  • SP Contract
  • Snickarbolaget AB
  • Berger´s Glasjour AB
  • Textila Båtinredningar HB
  • SeaSea
  • Viking Yachting
  • Långedrags Teknik

Updated: 2013-05-21